Adding Social Media to your Marketing Plan?

You'd be foolish not to!

Social Media Marketing is used for content promotion and brand building. SMM is a very effective way to build brand awareness, engage your users, and spark an interest in your company!  Content should be created to engage your potential customers. The content needs to be interesting, intriguing and "share-worthy".

By actively creating and sharing content, you engage your following. Customers get familiar with your brand, what you offer, and who you are. Trust is created and interest in your business rises.  There are countless social networks available that can add great benefits for your business – especially if utilized correctly.

Let's use Facebook as an example. By creating a fan base around your brand, you get great insight into what your potential customers want to learn. You can see data like demographics, interests, and likes.  By using this data, you can promote tailored content that serves your fan base, where they in-turn like and share your content. This is where a viral effect could be created.  Even if you don't see sales right away, you will acquier more fans.  More people will learn about your business / product and the number of potential customers increases over time.

Facebook is only one of many different platforms.  There are several other Social Media Networks you can use and gain a following on.  Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr are some examples.  You can promote special offers, share images, news about your business, and anything else that intrigues people to visit your store, or buy your product.  Having a strong social network presence will translate into more customers.

Lastly, Social networks rank very well on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. The chance of someone finding your business increases when you are easily found on the major Social Media platforms.

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