Is it time to update your website?

1. Your site isn't mobile friendly?

I am simply amazed as to how many companies still do not have a website that is mobile friendly.  Especially restaurants. (What’s with that?) When I am looking for leads for new customers, the first thing I am looking for is; how does the site look on my phone?  Go ahead, pull out your smart phone and take a good look at your website. is mobile friendly if you need an example.

2. Your copy isn’t old, but the design of your site is.

OK, I get it.  All of the info on your site is correct.  But let me tell you something - you're not converting customers with your company website that was built before 2006.  The copy (words) in your site might still apply to everything you do, but the aesthetics of your site needs to be on point also. A lot of the time, your website is the first impression of your company. Do yourself a favor and put your best foot forward!

3. Is your current site easy to update?

If it takes more than 5 minutes to make a simple update on your site, you need an update.  Wordpress is most popular these days - adding new pages is simple in a platform like Wordpress.  If you are a hands off person, have someone build and manage your site for you!  At Social J Marketing, we offer a full service website “rental”, where we manage and update your site whenever you’d like for a fraction of the cost of some of our competitors.

4. Do you have unused pages?

Does your site have pages that no longer apply to your business?  Pages that were built for events years ago? Get them outta there!  Your search rankings can be negatively affected by old, non-applicable content on your site. Keep things new and fresh.  Take time to look over your site periodically to clean it up. I'd recommend at least twice a year.

5. Are you getting high bounce rates?

Your bounce rate is the percentage of people who come to your site, and leave after seeing just one page. When the rate is high, it is thought to mean that your visitor didn’t find what they were looking for.  A high bounce rate means that interactions on your website are low.  That’s BAD.  If you get people to your site you want to keep them there, and have them check out more than one page.

6. How are you doing within Search Engine Rankings?

If you Google your company name, and your site is nowhere to be found on the first page, you MUST get that straightened out.  Google is the big dog on the block, and if you want people to find you, your site needs to be found by Google.  A good site designer will know the simple tricks of the trade to get your site optimized for search engines.  TRUST ME, it isn't hard to be on the first page of Google by searching your company name.  For a recent client, Jay’s Bed and Breakfast we had them on the first page of Google a couple days after the site was live.

7. Do you have all the ways to connect with your company listed?

People want to be able to contact you, and being that the first thing we do is pull out our phone to look up info, your site needs to have all of the “other” ways to get in contact with your company.  Phone, address, and all of the basics PLUS links to your social media.  Not on the major Social Media sites yet?!  Find out where you need to be here.

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